Yemen: Train-the-Trainer First Aid Courses

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The ongoing conflict and airstrikes in Yemen continue to take a very heavy toll on basic services and social infrastructures. The healthcare sector is experiencing a critical shortage of medical supplies and human resources for health due to the evacuation of most of the foreign health staff who previously provided and delivered health care in many governorates throughout the country along with gaps in replenishments of essential commodities.

In light of this ongoing dramatic and severe situation, the European Union (EU) funded ‘Support for Effective Stewardship in the Yemeni Health Sector Project' and 'Reproductive Health and Population Programme’ continue to respond to the need to build capacities pivotal for saving lives during emergency.

The project teams in coordination with MoPHP have delivered a first round of train-the-trainer first aid courses in Sana’a from 5-10 September to local health service providers and volunteers from conflict-affected provinces. A second round of training will take place in early October and build on first aid, mass causality and emergency training delivered by the EU project teams previously to nearly 200 personnel over the past five months.

The current train-the-trainer first aid courses aim to build the capacity of participants to adopt a participatory training approach in coaching trainees in first aid practices in conflict-affected areas as well as raising public awareness of fist aid essentials. Topics covered include: training principles; assessment of training needs; training programme design; delivery and presentation skills; overcoming barriers to learning and training; knowledge delivery and participant  interaction; measuring training effectiveness; and preparation and delivery of a first aid training session.

European Union Support to Yemen

The European Union (EU) has been active in Yemen since 1998 and provides funding for both humanitarian and development assistance. So far, the EU has committed more than EUR 60 million in support of the Yemeni health sector. System support, even in periods of crisis, allows services to adapt to changing demands, to be better aware and thus better responsive to emerging needs.

In this frame, the cooperation with EPOS Health Management aims to strengthen local and national structures. The ongoing projects ‘Support for Effective Stewardship in the Yemeni Health Sector’ and 'Governance in Health: Technical  Assistance  for  Local  Health  Systems Strengthening' aim to create a coordination mechanism that enables the MoPHP to effectively steer its sectors and departments internally as well as lead the subnational  governance levels and development partners.

EPOS is supporting implementation through a technical assistance expert team who are posted at key functional units of the Ministry to support its stewardship role. Additionally, the technical assistance aims at directly increasing the availability of information for decision making through an improved health management information system (HMIS) and public expenditure tracking surveys (PETS).